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REFACDC046 - Reference Design

Flyback Type PWM Mode Isolated 12V 1.4A 16.8W

This reference design uses BM2P13B1J.

  • This evaluation board outputs an isolated voltage of 12 V from an input of 90 Vac to 264 Vac, and the maximum output current is 1.4 A.
  • BM2P13B1J-Z which is PWM method DC/DC converter IC built-in 730 V MOSFET is used.
  • Built-in the low on resistor (1.0 Ω) and high voltage tolerant MOSFET (730 V) make designs easy.
  • PWM controller for AC / DC power supplies, the BM2P13B1J provides the optimum system for all products with outlets.


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Board Number Input Voltage Range Input Frequency Output Voltage Output Current Range Maximum Output Power Standby Input Power Power supply efficiency Output Ripple Voltage Oprating Temperature
BM2P13B1J-EVK-001 90 to 264Vac 47 to 63Hz 12.0V(Typ) 0 to 1.4A 16.8W(Max) Iout = 1.4A 50mW(Typ) Iout=0A 86.7%(Typ) 0.07Vpp(Typ) BW=20MHz *1 -10 to 65deg.C
*1 Not include spike noise

Distribution Inventory

Board Number Distributor Quantity Available
BM2P13B1J-EVK-001 Mouser Electronics Inc. 5
Chip One Stop, Inc. 2
CoreStaff Co., Ltd. 2
DigiKey 2
Ameya Holding Limited 1

Key Components

Board Number Part Number Product Category Datasheet Status SPICE LTspice® ? Thermal Model Symbol & Footprint 3D STEP Samacsys ECAD Library Calc Tool ROHM Solution Simulator
BM2P13B1J-EVK-001 BM2P13B1J-Z AC/DC Converters ICs - Recommended - - -
BM2P13B1J-EVK-001 RFN1LAM7S Fast Recovery Diodes - Recommended - - - - -
BM2P13B1J-EVK-001 RRE02VSM4S Standard Rectifier Diodes - Recommended - - - - -
BM2P13B1J-EVK-001 RB088BGE150 Schottky Barrier Diodes - Recommended - - -
BM2P13B1J-EVK-001 LTR100JZPFL Current Detection Resistors - Recommended -
BM2P13B1J-EVK-001 ESR18EZPJ High Reliability Resistors - Recommended -