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ROHM的無線區域網路模組是一款基頻/MAC IC,配備自製IC,並於出廠時已完成所有無線特性之調校。支援獨立啟動模式,可利用外接的隨身碟(Flash memory)啟動系統。

Clockless Link Interface ICs

Clockless Link™ Interface is a differential serial interface that expect further low power consumption and low EMI by ROHM's original CDR(Clock Data Recovery) technology.Clockless Link™ Interface serializes the parallel data and transfers by the differential lines of 1 pair. So it helps to reduce the number of cables significantly.The 1pair transfer interface don't care the cable slew like LVDS interface that is separated clock and data line.It helps to speed up the transfer rate and support long cable. Reset line and link synchronous control line between transmitter and receiver are unnecessary. This interface can links automatically by only differential line.


LVDS介面IC (12)

ROHM的LVDS介面IC可在8 MHz~150 MHz環境下工作,工作頻率範圍極為廣泛,配備序列器(Serializer)與數位器(Digilizer)等產品系列,可支援35 bit~70 bit等不同的傳送位元數。可透過高速序列傳送方式以7倍速傳送資料,因此纜線數量能夠減少至1/3以下。而且,還配備了Swing模式,讓您更進一步降低電磁干擾(EMI)。除此之外,還備有工作頻率為250 MHz的4 bit LVDS驅動器、接收器產品,適合液晶電視LCD TV等數位家電、複合機等事務機器、量測裝置、醫療裝置等多種應用領域。

IrDA控制器 (3)


Multiple Input Switch Monitor LSI (4)

Multiple Input Switch Monitor ICs that detect the opening and closing of mechanical switches. Once it senses a change in the status of a switch, it sends an interrupt signal to the MCU via a serial peripheral interface (SPI). In intermittent monitoring, the switch status is monitored at regular time intervals, allowing the IC to operate with low power consumption. Also, operation with reduced noise can be achieved by enabling uniform sequential monitoring of all switches or sequential monitoring by power supply system.


時序控制器 (1)


LIN收發器 (2)


CXPI Transceiver (2)

ROHM's CXPI (Clock eXtention Peripheral Interface) transceiver IC can switch between Master/Slave mode using external pin. Power consumption is reduced during standby (non-communication).

CAN Transceiver (2)

ROHM's CAN(Controller Area Network) transceiver IC is most suitable for BUS system with protocol communication facility of CAN. Fully ISO 11898 standard compliant







USB Type-C Power Delivery

USB Type-C Power Delivery (19)

ROHM's USB Type-C Power Delivery Controller ICs are compatible with the latest USB Power Delivery (Rev2.0) and Type-C (Rev1.1) specifications. USB Type-C compliant high power transmission technology ideal for powering Laptops and Tablets, supporting up to 100W (20V@ 5A).