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AC/DC轉換器 (118)

ROHM's large current external FET controller type switching regulators are compatible with virtually all switching power supply applications due to their wide input voltage range, multi-operation capability (step-up/negative voltage/step-down), and flexible operating frequency.

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ROHM AC/DC Designer

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切換式穩壓器 (絕緣型)

切換式穩壓器 (絕緣型) (4)

BD7F series is an optocoupler-less Isolated Flyback Converter. An optocoupler or the tertiary winding feedback circuit which was needed to obtain a stable output voltage isolated by a transformer in the conventional application becomes unnecessary, thus, the number of parts is reduced drastically, producing a small-sized and high-reliability application isolated type power supply. Furthermore, a highly by the use of the Original Adapted-Type ON-Time Control Technology, it makes the external phase compensation parts become unnecessary, therefore a highly efficient isolated type power supply application can easily be produced.
BD8325FVT is a PWM controller intended for Active clamp, current-mode isolated switching regulator.


切換式穩壓器 (188)




ROHM的電壓檢測IC (Reset IC ,)具備±1%的電壓檢測精度、低耗電、小型封裝、以及擁有大範圍檢測電壓的產品系列等特色,適合搭載微處理器、CPU、DSP等控制器的各種裝置使用。為了使人能安心的使用,在設計時充分的考慮到其可靠性,請選擇最適合裝置的電壓檢測IC.

13.56MHz Wireless charging LSI (LAPIS)

LAPIS Semiconductor's 13.56 MHz wireless charging LSIs, "ML7630" and "ML7361", provide a wireless charging system using the world's smallest chip solution including a downsized antenna by the 13.56 MHz power transfer.
They are a suitable for achieving a wireless charging solution of small devices such as wearables devices up to 0.2W power.



ROHM的電源管理開關IC系列為將低Rds ON MOS FET開關及各種保護電路內建於單晶片中的系列。可在小型化的同時,實現損失少且效率高的電力供給和更加安全且穩定的系統設計。最適合於搭載USB介面、記憶卡、各種加裝模組的PC及數位資訊產品的電源管理。

Intelligent Power Devices

Intelligent Power Devices

The IPD (intelligent power device) series of the ROHM is a universal switch of the automotive grade that integrated low on resistance MOSFET and various protection circuit into one chip. For overheat, an overcurrent, overvoltage and a load short circuit, provide the protection of the higher level. Including resistant capacity-related inducible load installed in the engine room, a compartment, be available in product machine applications.


LED驅動器 (75)

ROHM隆重推出各種LED驅動器,適合照明、背光、閃光燈、汽車等應用領域使用。此外,還推出各種AC/DC、DC/DC LED驅動器及定電流LED驅動器等。

無線供電控制IC (5)