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REFRPY002-ORS-001 - Reference Design

Power Management Reference design for Efinix FPGA Ti180 platform

Rohm provides the best power supplies for Efinix FPGA Titanium Ti180 J484 product, and Efinix has developed a development kit for Titanium Ti180 that uses these power supplies as reference power. In recent years, FPGA power supplies are required to have high precision low voltage or complex startup sequences. By providing reference power supplies optimized for FPGAs, Rohm helps designers reduce their development workload and achieve the performance required by the market. The newly launched Ti180 development kit is ideal for vision systems, edge computing, hardware acceleration and machine learning. The reference power supplies are composed of BD95602MUV with excellent response, BD9F500QUZ and BD9F800MUX, which have the necessary current capability for each power supply.

The design document and user's guide for this development kit can be downloaded from the Efinix's websiteexternal-link.

You can purchase Titanium Ti180 J484 from Digikey's website external-link.

  • applicable for vision systems, edge computing, hardware acceleration and machine learning those using FPGAs
  • 6channels power tree reference design
  • Included in Ti180 development kit as 12V input reference power suppy tree for Efinix FPGA Ti180



Maxell x ROHM
Part No. Vin
Io Max.
(WxLxH mm)
BD95602MUV 5.5 to 28.0 Ext. 0.15 to 0.50 VQFN032V5050
FET (5.0x5.0x1.0)
BD9F500QUZ 4.5 to 36.0 5.0 0.60/1.00/2.20 VMMP16LZ3030
BD9F800MUX-Z 4.5 to 28.0 8.0 030/0.60 VQFN11X3535A

Block Diagram

Power configuration

Board Image



Board Number Input Voltage Output Channel Output Voltage
REFRPY002-ORS-001 12V 9-channels 5.0V/3.3V x 2/1.8V/1.2V/1.1V/0.95V/0.85V/0.62V
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Key Components

Board Number Part Number Product Category Datasheet Status SPICE LTspice® ? Thermal Model Symbol & Footprint 3D STEP Samacsys ECAD Library Calc Tool ROHM Solution Simulator
REFRPY002-ORS-001 BD95602MUV-LB DC-DC Converter ICs - Active - -
REFRPY002-ORS-001 BD9F800MUX-Z DC-DC Converter ICs - Recommended - - - Solution Simulator
REFRPY002-ORS-001 BD9F500QUZ DC-DC Converter ICs - Recommended - - - Solution Simulator