BP3621 (新產品)
Wide Range Type Wireless Charger Module (Power Transmission)

ROHM’s 13.56MHz wireless charging module is designed for compact sensor and wearable devices.
Wireless charging of ultra-small devices that are difficult to charge using the Qi standard is possible. And since 13.56MHz is the same frequency as the NFC communication standard, the same antenna can be used for both power supply and NFC transmission.
Pairing the BP3621 (power transmission) and BP3622 (power reception) modules significantly reduces customer development load for antenna design and matching.

Product Detail

料號 | BP3621
狀態 | 推薦品
封裝 | BP3621
單位數量 | 150
最小包裝數量 |
包裝形式 | Tray
RoHS | Yes


Power Transmitter/Power Receiver

Power Transmitter

Supply Type

Wide Range Type

Module Size [mm]

35x26 (t=1.5)

Weight [g]


Power Supply Distance [mm]


Host Interface

8pin, 0.5mm pitch, FPC connector

Operating Temperature (Min.)[°C]


Operating Temperature (Max.)[°C]



  • Wireless power transmitter
  • Optimized for wireless charging with BP3622
  • 212 kbps wireless communication

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