BD7690FJ - 技術資料

作為AC/DC用功率因數校正轉換器(Power Factor Correction: PFC),本產品為所有需要改善功率因數的產品提供最佳系統。PFC部採用臨界模式(BCM),可透過Zero Current Detection降低開關損耗和雜訊。採用基於電阻的零電流檢測方式,無需ZCD用輔助繞組。

* 本產品是標準級的產品。本產品不建議使用的車載設備。

Application Note

Thermal Resistance
The definition and how to use thermal resistance and thermal characterization parameter of packages for ROHM’s integrated circuit are described in this application note.
Impedance Characteristics of Bypass Capacitor
This application note focuses on the impedance characteristics of capacitors, and explains cautions for selecting bypass capacitors.
Part Explanation
For ICs