BU7464F - 技術資料

接地感測低電壓工作CMOS運算放大器為將相位補償電容內建型輸出全振幅(Full Swing)的運算放大器1組電路/2組電路/4組電路集於單一晶片中的單晶體(Monolithic)IC。可低電壓工作,低耗電,輸入偏壓電流非常小為其特點。輸入為接地感測,輸出為全振幅。

* 本產品是標準級的產品。本產品不建議使用的車載設備。

Application Note

Op-Amp / Comparator Tutorial
This application note explains the general terms and basic techniques that are necessary for configuring application circuits with op-amps and comparators. Refer to this note for guidance when using op-amps and comparators.
Op amp Circuit Collection
For Full Swing Low Voltage Operation CMOS Operational Amplifiers, Ultra Low Power CMOS Operational Amplifiers, Ground Sense Low Voltage Operation CMOS Operational Amplifiers
Thermal Resistance
The definition and how to use thermal resistance and thermal characterization parameter of packages for ROHM’s integrated circuit are described in this application note.
Impedance Characteristics of Bypass Capacitor
This application note focuses on the impedance characteristics of capacitors, and explains cautions for selecting bypass capacitors.
Part Explanation
For ICs