High Performance Operational Amplifiers: Ground Sense Nano Cap™

This is ground sense CMOS operational amplifier integrated Nano Cap™ technology. Nano Cap™ is a combination of technologies which allow stable operation even if output capacitance is connected with the range of nF unit. Despite high-speed opamp with 10V/μs slew rate, this circuit type does not oscillate even with a capacitance of several nF. Set design is possible without worrying about oscillation due to output capacitance.
Furthermore, this product features superior noise immunity that suppresses output voltage fluctuation in all frequency bands to less than 1/10 with conventional products. As a result, installing in the subsequent stage of devices that output micro-signals such as sensors will make it possible to amplify signals without being affected by noise, eliminating the need for noise countermeasures such as filters.
This product features high slew rate and low input bias current.