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  • 偶發性故障是什麼?
    • 在使用者的使用過程中,記憶體元件突然發生故障的情形,並因此造成資料錯誤。
      為改善此偶發性的不良情形,ROHM導入W-CELL (雙元件)結構,實現資料的高度可靠性。
  • How do you disable writing during power ON?
    • In order to prevent erroneous writing during power ON, maintain the state of the input pin until VCC rises by pulling the microwire CS pin to ground, pulling up the SPI CSB pin to VCC, the I²C SDA pin to 'H', and SCL to 'H' or 'L', and adhere to the power supply rise time and voltage stipulated in the datasheet.
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