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Quickly find products via parametric search


Easily search for applicable products by characteristics in even more product families, including EEPROMs, motor drivers, LED drivers, and speaker amps
EEPROM QuickSearch Motor Driver QuickSearch
LED Driver QuickSearch Speaker Amp QuickSearch

Key Feature 1 : Search extends beyond the Series

For example, searching for motor drivers will include both H-bridge and reversible types. The search will return ALL applicable part types, even those in another Series.


* Applicable Series

  High Reliability Series
  Automotive Serial EEPROMs

Motor Drivers : 
  H-bridge Drivers for Brush Motors
  Reversible Motor Drivers for Brush Motors

LED / LCD Drivers : 
  LED Drivers for LCD Backlights

Speaker Amplifier : 
  Medium Power Class-D Speaker Amplifiers
  Compact Class-D Speaker Amplifiers
  Class-AB Speaker Amplifiers

Search extends beyond the Series

Key Feature 2 : Filter using fewer input parameters

Normally, searching for general purpose ICs that meet specific requirements is time consuming.
ROHM's QuickSearch narrows the list by using only the minumum number of required parameters

Filter using fewer input parameters

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