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ECOMOS(TM) Series Eco-friendlier MOSFETs


ROHM offers a lineup of eco-friendly ECOMOSTM, the series utilizes original low voltage process technology for ultra-low drive and ON resistance. This makes them compatible with low output voltage ICs requiring low power consumption as well as low power voltage power supply circuits. Ideal applications include battery-driven LEDs and charge control switches.

ON resistance is dramatically lower than conventional 2.5V MOSFETs, resulting in approx. a 90% drop in power consumption while ON. A wide lineup of package types (15) is available, from 1006-sized units (VMN3) ideal for small signal to medium power applications to larger 4532-sized products (MPT6). A number of different configurations are also possible, such as Nch, Pch, single-/dual-element, and hybrid units that integrate a Schottky barrier diode.

ON-resistance Comparison


  • Low Voltage Drive
    Stable Gate-Source drive at 1.2V and 1.5V (0.9V drive also possible).
  • Low ON Resistance
    TSMT8 (3024) package products feature an RDS(on) of 8m (typ.) at VGS=4.5V
  • Broad Lineup
    VMN2 (1006) to MPT6 (4532) packages are available in a range of voltage resistances (12V-60V) and rated currents (0.2A-9.0A)
Product Image
  • Hybrid types with an internal Schottky barrier diode are offered that reduce both part count and mounting area.
Hybrid SBD Type

Circuit Application Examples

Ideal for load switches, LED lamp drive, muting circuits, DC/DC converters, battery charge control, and other circuits requiring low voltage drive and low ON resistance.

Circuit Application Examples


Mobile phones, digital cameras, DVCs, digital SLRs, portable audio, notebook PCs, and other battery-driven devices.



Over 50 types are available, with more coming soon. (Click here for additional details)

Single 1.2V Drive Products (Nch,Pch)
Dual 1.2V Drive Products (Nch+Nch,Nch+Pch,Pch+Pch)
Single 1.5V Drive Products (Nch,Pch)
Dual 1.5V Drive Products (Nch+Nch,Nch+Pch,Pch+Pch)
Hybrid 1.5V Drive Types with SBD (Nch+SBD,Pch+SBD)

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