For embedded systems Chipset & ReferenceBoard for Intel® Atom™ Processor E600 Series

New Intel® Atom™ Processor E600 Series chipset offers maximum performance

Intel® Atom™ Processor E600 Seres System

ROHM and LAPIS Semiconductor (a ROHM Group company) offer a dedicated chipset for Intel®'s processor (the Atom™ E600 Series).
The chipset consists of 3 ICs, a power management IC (PMIC), clock generator IC (CGIC), and Input/Output Hub.
The Atom™ E600 Series processor features the industry's highest performance RISC processor, making them ideal for general-purpose CPU boards, industrial equipment, car infotainment systems, WEB-equipped IP media phones, and similar devices.

Automotive Systems,Communication Devices,Industrial Equipment,Medical Devices

The PMIC and CGIC were developed utilizing ROHM's unique linear and analog technologies, while LAPIS Semiconductor's advanced logic technology was used for the input/output hub IC, resulting in a dedicated chipset that maximizes the performance of Atom™ E600 Series processors. In addition, complete support is provided, reducing system design while enabling customization and unparalleled matching capabilities.

I'm not sure what's wrong. It's my first time developing, so I'm unclear on the circuit and board design.ROHM Group provides total support, enabling even inexperienced users to use our products.
  • Support for early detection of problem areas
  • Circuit diagram and PCB checksheet
  • Development support for various OS device drivers

ROHM and LAPIS Semiconductor (a ROHM Group company) also provide a reference board (GOJYO) containing the dedicated chipset for Intel's® Atom™ E600 Series processors, making it possible to evaluate the customer's circuit or PCB.
Highly experienced ROHM engineers are also available for advice or additional support.

Chipset for Intel® Atom™ Processor E600 Series

IOH (Input-Output Hub) PMIC (Power Management ICs)
CGIC (Clock Generators ICs) ReferenceBoard